UNM School of Engineering Shared Credit Program

B.S./M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


The School of Engineering offers a Shared Credit Degrees Program designed to allow students to complete B.S. and M.S. degrees in five years (depending on the student's mathematics preparation upon entering UNM as a first-year undergraduate student). To accomplish this, some courses are counted towards both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Department of Mechanical Engineering allows up to 12 credit hours of undergraduate electives to be replaced by 500-level graduate courses that count towards both degrees. Courses used for the shared credits must have a grade of B or better, in order to qualify for the graduate degree requirement.


Students may apply to the shared credit program during the undergraduate junior year, after completing 75 credit hours applicable to the BSME degree. At least 64 credit hours need to be mathematics, science and engineering courses (ME, CE, ECE, CS, Chem, Math, Stat and Phyc) applicable to the BSME degree. A cumulative GPA of at least 3.50 is normally required, counting only the completed courses applicable to BSME at the time of application.

The application deadline is November 30 in the Fall semester and April 30 in the Spring semester. The departmental decision will be made by the beginning of the following semester. Admission to the graduate portion of this program is provisional, and is not finalized until the student satisfactorily completes the requirements for the B.S. degree.

Application Form

Application attachment - M.S. degree worksheet

Checklist for Shared Credit Program Application Packet


Sample Curriculum - BSME/MSME Shared Credit Program




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