MSME Degree Policy and Procedures

Plan III (Coursework Only)


Table of Contents

1.        Requirements and Procedures

2.        Time Limit for Completion of Degree

3.        Summary of Course Requirements

4.        Initial Advisement

5.        Seminar Requirement

6.        M.S. Program Planning and Approval

7.        Program of Studies

8.        Notification of the Intent to Graduate


Requirements and Procedures

The student should carefully study the section in the UNM Catalog under "The Graduate Program." It is ultimately the student's responsibility to see that these requirements are satisfied.


Time Limit for Completion of Degree

All work used to meet degree requirements for a master's degree, including transfer credit, must be completed within a seven-year period immediately preceding the granting of the degree. Course work older than seven years cannot be used to meet requirements for the master's degree.


Summary of Course Requirements

The following are the course requirements for the MSME degree, Plan III. Some of these requirements are dictated by the UNM Catalog and additional ones are required by the ME department.

A minimum of 34 credit hours is required.

The coursework must include a minimum of 24 hours of 500-level courses.

A minimum of 18 hours of coursework must be in Mechanical Engineering. Four courses will comprise the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Core.

A maximum of 12 hours of graduate level courses in non-degree status may be applied to the course requirements.

Two semesters of Graduate Seminars (ME 591 for Fall and ME 592 for Spring), with a total of one (1) credit hour, are required. See Seminar Requirement.


Initial Advisement

The student must meet with the ME Director of Graduate Programs before the initial registration, and work out a program of studies for the first semester. Any courses that do not receive prior approval of an academic advisor may be disallowed. During the first semester, the student must obtain the agreement of an ME faculty member to serve as Academic Advisor, and submit an Advisor Approval Form to the ME Program Advisement Coordinator.


Seminar Requirement

MSME students must have one hour of seminar credit on their program. The student shall register for ME 591/592 for two semesters while attending the seminars. The first semester the student may register for zero credit hours. The second semester the student must register for one credit hour. The grade will be CR/NC, based upon attendance.

For attendance requirements, please CLICK HERE.


M.S. Program Planning and Approval

The Academic Advisor shall have the responsibility to advise the student in planning the student's program. Approval of the MSME Program of Studies is then required by the ME Director of Graduate Programs.


Program of Studies

The Program of Studies Form should be submitted before the following OGS deadlines: July 1 for a Fall graduation, October 1 for a Spring graduation, and March 1 for a Summer graduation. Failure to submit this form on time will delay your graduation. ME Department will require some time to review and approve the form; so, you must submit the form to the ME Director of Graduate Programs at least two weeks before the above OGS deadlines. Changes in an approved program must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies by a memorandum from the student with approval by the ME Director of Graduate Programs.


Notification of Intent to Graduate

The student must submit the Notification of Intent to Graduate Form to the ME Program Advisement Coordinator before the deadlines shown on the form. Failure to submit this form on time will delay your graduation. Students must be enrolled in a graduate course in the semester of graduation.


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